IKEA HomePlanner Kitchen

IKEA HomePlanner Kitchen 1.9

Simulates your projected kitchen in 3D
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See how the furniture from IKEA's catalogue would look like in a 3D simulation of your kitchen. Check if everything fits in nicely and print a shopping list once you have the desired results or save the design for future revising.

IKEA HomePlanner Kitchen 1.9.4 is a program that lets you simulate a projected kitchen.
It provides 3D View of your kitchen, and lets you apply components out of IKEA´s catalog, to see how they fit. You can even print later a shoplist with everything you included in your project, save your design to an IKEA server and ask friends and family for advice.

As a first step, you´ll have to define your room shape, measurements, doors, windows, heather, electricity, and so on.

Once done, you can choose the furniture from IKEA`s pre-charged catalog, and put them where you like in the sketch.

When you´ve put every piece of furniture you would like to use, you can judge the kitchen´s appearance with a 3D view. You can move the sketch, rotate, zoom in or zoom out to watch details. Of course, you can change components and its placement at any point of the process.

Next, the program will present you a detailed list of the items you selected, with its specifications, price and grand total. You can then save that list, print it and even upload your project to an IKEA server.

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  • It´s fun and easy to build your own kitchen


  • There are only very few products, all from IKEA
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